Setting the Record Straight

Paul Ryan is committed to securing our border

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  • Paul Ryan has always said that securing the border is the first step to any immigration reform proposal. More importantly, we need a President who will commit to work with Congress to effectively secure the border. Most recently, Paul led the House in successfully suing the President to overturn his executive order on amnesty.


  • Paul Ryan voted to provide $694 million for border security and enforcement of immigration and customs laws. It includes $405 million for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to boost border security and law enforcement activities.


  • Paul Ryan has also voted for funding to build a border fence, hire 1,080 more border patrol agents, and require the DHS to control our borders and mandate that security fencing along the U.S. – Mexico border be constructed.

Paul Ryan is taking action to stop ISIS from carrying out future attacks


  • Paul worked on legislation to strengthen the Visa Waiver Program to protect the homeland – denying visa waiver eligibility status to any individual who has recently traveled to terrorist hotspots like Syria and Iraq.


  • Immediately following the attacks in Paris, the House passed a bipartisan bill – the American SAFE Act – that would pause the Syrian refugee program until we can be certain no one coming here is a threat to our country.


  • Paul has called for the passage of a bill that would establish a DHS unit aimed at specifically combating radical Islamic terrorism.  


Paul Ryan is committed to balancing the budget and cutting spending

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  • Paul Ryan has fought wasteful Washington spending year after year and is committed to balancing our budget, so we leave future generations a debt-free future.


  • As chairman of the House Budget Committee Paul Ryan drafted four consecutive balanced budgets which cut trillions of dollars in spending, and received near unanimous support from his colleagues.


  • In 2013, Paul negotiated a deficit deal to cut spending in a smarter way, reducing the deficit by approximately $23 billion.



Paul Ryan opposes trade agreements that do not benefit U.S. workers and businesses


  • Paul is withholding his support for TPP because he believes President Obama did a poor job negotiating the agreement.


  • Paul wants a level playing field for U.S. workers and businesses. When we compete on equal terms with other countries, we win. Paul believes the U.S., not China, should write and work to enforce the rules of global trade.


  • In Wisconsin, we grow and make things, so we need access to markets domestically and abroad to sell our products.