Residents in Milwaukee find work thanks to The Joseph Project

MILWAUKEE — One of the biggest needs in the City of Milwaukee is job opportunity.
A pastor was blown away when he found out there were 4,000 jobs available in Sheboygan County.
Republican Senator Ron Johnson partnered with the Greater Praise Church of God in Christ to find a way to make a difference for both areas of Southeast Wisconsin.
That’s when the Joseph Project was created. Since its inception in 2015, 120 people in Milwaukee have found work in Sheboygan County. Pastor Smith tells TODAY’S TMJ4, the program has a 70 percent success rate.
Recruits can also use church vans donated to the program, to get to and from work.
One graduate shares how his life has changed.
“It won’t just change your situation it will change your life. I don’t have the problems that I had before my bills are paid, you know, my credit is good,” said Willie McShane, The Joseph Project Recruit.
If you know someone who can benefit from this program follow this link.